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Jurassic Park Slot Machine

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Jurassic Park Slot Machine

Jurassic Park Slot Game Intro

To bring the prehistoric reptiles back to life… Seems to be UNREAL? Not at all! Millions of years isn’t an invincible obstacle any more! Thanks to the genetic engineering and Microgaming experimentalists, you’re free to creep into Jurassic Park video slots and… Cast an AWEstruck glance on the huge predators on 5 reels!

Killing claws and teeth. Intimidating roar. Death grip. Pull in your neck in a no download version! The dinosaurs are not of the sort to trifle with. They’ll easily hunt out 243 ways to catch you in their mouth biting your spine through. But staying sharp all the time, it’s possible to get hold of the most wicked jackpot of 8,000 coins.

Going to a misty island for the profitable pastime giving you up to $7,500… You may turn yourself into an appetizing prey. Any moment! That’s why, be all ears and eyes when meeting various kinds of pangolins at Free Spins with the extra features. Hey! You’ll also face an extreme cash danger during T-Rex Alert Mode! So, will you keep a whole skin in the end?

Jurassic Park Slot Payout
Jurassic Park Slot Payout
Apart from the dinos’ tracks on the gambling ground, you can run into the numerous Jurassic Park Logos. Stacked in the reel thicket, they’ll show you the rough but lucrative path. Why not forge ahead along it with this wild symbol that replaces all other ancient icons except the scatters? Moreover, you’ve got a colossal chance to gain the highest break-neck jackpot of $2,000. Well, just do-or-die!

Believe it or not… However, those are the Mosquitoes making the devastating idea to clone the GREATEST creatures on the planet POSSIBLE! Representing the scatter symbols, the Mosquitoes may sting you at the maximum bet and leave not pain but… The dizzying trophy of $7,500! Besides, at least 3 scatters trigger the special Free Spins Feature along with the respective awards!

Jurassic Park Slot Prize
Jurassic Park Slot Prize

Jurassic Park Slot Game Bets to Make to Win Jackpot

Raised from the dead, the savage mammals can’t resist their instincts any longer! They are out for flesh and blood now! So, not to fall victim to them… Just start your resolute steps with real stakes from 30 coins or $0.30. Can see the hungry animals approaching you? Then, gather your speed with the coin sizes of $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.20 or $0.25 and… Reach the largest bet of $75.

Over hedge and ditch… Flee for your dear life! So that to grasp the top fatal jackpot of 8,000 coins or $2,000! As soon as 5 Jurassic Park Logos emerge simultaneously, you’ll find yourself out of danger and with the breathtaking winning! Yeah… This inscrutable place as well as Avalon 2 – Quest for the Grail slots will keep you in suspence.

Jurassic Park Slot Free Spins
Jurassic Park Slot Free Spins

Jurassic Park Slots Bonus Game

How about following the paleontologists’ example and gripping the Mosquitoes? As using them, you’ll set the ancient raptors FREE and activate the fearsome features with Free Spins. To get the hidden gold groping your way through the thick bushes? Oh, it’s not so difficult despite a slightest opportunity to escape death!

You’ll come across the main sharp-toothed menace straight after noticing 3, 4 or 5 scattered Mosquitoes. So, take the necessary DNA paragraph out of there and… Let one of five dinosaurs trigger the deserved bonus bringing you the diverse bestowals and money amounts going beyond belief:

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex strikes you dumb with 12 Free Spins and up to 5 Wild Reels
  • Velociraptor loads you with Split Wilds, Multiplier Wilds up to 6x besides 12 Free Spins
  • Triceratops provides you with 12 Free Spins and Running Wilds
  • Brachiosaurus gives you 12 Free Spins with up to 6x Mystery Wild
  • Dilophosaurus randomly turns positions into Winning Wilds during 12 Free Spins

Can see the malicious dwellers of their own bonus features stacked on the reels? Heigh-ho! That’s obviously for your benefit! What is more, in case you are able to put your hand on Free Spins 25 times… That enables you to show your preference to the favorite ferocious bonus!

Jurassic Park Slot Free Spins Feature
Jurassic Park Slot Free Spins Feature
Look out! The behavior of gigantic monsters is out of control! No one can restrain them, even the creator… That’s why, no wonder that T-Rex Alert Mode may start any time! Well, try to hold on like grim death within 6 spins finding the Jurassic Park Logos stacked on the reels! You’ll also have the extra 35 wild symbols increasing your chance to be safe and sound and… Take tons of bucks with you in addition!

What can make the dust raise and earth shake? Oh, that’s the impending disaster out of the past called DINOSAUR… Have the guts to lift up your head and get sight of them at Jurassic Park slot machine? Hm, only the gambling brave-hearts can perform such a money-making deed if playing at 777 Dragon Casino. And you’re one of them. No doubt!


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