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Hellboy Slot Machine

Hellboy Slot Machine Hellboy Slots Payout

Hellboy Slot Game Intro

To destroy everything on the earth… Gosh! Will the evil spirits manage to follow through on this merciless plan finally? No way! You have to save the mankind and… Call the SUPERhero to come to the rescue at Hellboy slot machine right now! The delay is tantamount to death on 5 reels.

Going on Microgaming war-path against all the monsters, the horned fighter may horrify you at once. But there’s no need to be in fear in a no download format. Cause having such a devilish appearance, this red creature can creep into the den of the enemy along 20 paylines and… Strike the fatal blow with its invincible right hand!

Diabolical gifts will fall over you with every spin. So, get ready to catch hold of the highest wicked jackpot of 10,000 coins or the paranormal scatter booty that is equal to $25,000. If you are no coward… Descend into the intimidating but extremely profitable Underworld Bonus or try the Supermode with 10 Free Spins. In addition, win much more infernal cash at the Gamble Feature!

Hey, step aside when you gain sight of the Hellboy Logo! This flaming wild symbol can easily burn you with the extra blasting coins! Replacing all other demonic images with the exception of scatter symbols, Hellboy Logo will also double your hot rewards with ease.

Willing to receive the most ferocious jackpot of $25,000? In this case, 5 wilds should arise during your fierce gambling with the maximum bet! Well, it’s really high time to prove that some flesh can also have the devil’s own luck bringing piles of dough!

Fire. Shots. Pain. Well, any of that doesn’t mean a thing to the Stone Fist of our fallen angel. And that’s no marvel that the Stone Fist acts like the scatter symbol. Collecting 2, 3, 4 or 5 of them at a spin, you will multiply your total stake by 2, 4, 25 or 500 times respectively and… Get a chance to seize the pandemoniac scatter prize of $25,000!

As soon as the earth quakes because of 3 or more POWERFUL punches of the Fists… You can trigger the Underworld Bonus Game revealing the bottomless pit. Full of dreadful fiends. So, start the bloody battle with them there. To obtain the tremendous trophies and achieve peace at long last!

Hellboy Slot Underworld Bonus
Hellboy Slot Underworld Bonus
Hellboy Slot Super Mode
Hellboy Slot Super Mode

Hellboy Slot Game Bets to Make to Win Jackpot

Don’t let all that hellish stuff rule over you! Just join the immortal giant playing for real and… Fight heroically so that to root out evil. For ever! Note that you can’t do without the shooting stakes that reach $50 per spin. At the same time, you are free to select the smallest one of $0.20. Hey, what is waiting for you at Victorian Villain slots? Hasten to find it out!

Sure that you’ll be able to go all the gambling way? In spite of all the damned blocks… Well, pick up $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.20 and $0.25 coins then and put up to 10 of them on each line. Moreover, make steps with the bet of $50 and that can lead you to the top daunting jackpot of 10,000 coins or $25,000. It just takes you to notice 5 Hellboy Logos herewith.

Hellboy Slots Bonus Game

Somewhere below ground… There is the pit of hell teeming with the various terrifying beings. So, dispose of all them right now hitting at least 3 scatters and activating the Underworld Bonus. You’ll need the exceptional power to survive and emerge the winner out of there!

Well, you will face 4 tunnels. To wade through each of them, you are asked to kill the appalling creatures that hide the awesome prizes. Coped with this challenge? In such a case, you can enter the Chamber of Fire eventually and… Choose the desired relic making you awfully rich in an instant!

However, try to avoid the blocked tunnels cause they prevent you from keeping on your winning route. It’s better to look for the team members who will gladly give you back ALL the bone-chilling gains for the certain stage. Hey, be brave and go great guns!

Any time, you may also enjoy the Super Mode. Appearing at random, this special feature awards you with 10 Free Spins. Well, get the frightful benefit from them and grasp up to 3 extra wild icons which hold the positions during the bonus game. To boggle your mind thanks to the startling gifts!

Feel yourself supernatural at the Gamble Feature. Here you will be hand to hand with Hellboy offering you to set your choice on the winning card colour or suit. Let’s see whether you can succeed in it and… Obtain your doubled or even quadrupled prizes.

To defend the people. That’s the main task of the redskin warrior at Hellboy slots. So, play it at Betway Casino and follow this valiant creature that runs the danger on the reels. Every now and then. Just to bring the victory over evil closer and load you with the rattling treasures along with diverse bonuses!


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